Wednesday, November 21, 2012

POPS OF once again

Hello everyone !!!! Is it Wednesday today - my gosh time is running so fast ! But get to the point. Do you remember my post about meeting in Cracow and making LOs in very quick time? I told You that i made two pages - that's right. The second page i want to show You today. As i said it was very quick LO, some girls helped me creating this page. Because we had only few things it's not very rich page. But i like it. I love the POPS OF chevron paper  !!! i think i will make lots of LOs on it. So take a look !

have a nice day


Maria said...

Sweet layout!!! I love it!!!! :)

antilight said...

jak na LOs z małej ilości rzeczy i tak jest peknie. Pamiętam Jaszkę doklejającą lierki do niego :)

olennka said...

Maria - tank You :***
Anti - Jaszka zrobiła niezła robotę :P