Monday, December 17, 2012

DIY mug warmers

Today i want to show You simple xmas present idea. Something cozy, something warm, something nice. I'm not an expert in knitting, not at all. I started knitting in September this year. I'm sorry if it will look confused.
But i'm trying to explain this DIY as simple as it's possible. So let's start to make a mug warmer.

First of all we need yarn and needles.

 I used thick needles because it's easier to knit ( for me). If you're already knitting, you know that you need to match yarn and the needles, and how to cast on and make stitches. If you are a beginner i can recomend You video tutorial from which i have learned how to knit  >>> here<<<.
 I'm not going to tell You how to knit because i can't , i'm a terrible knitting teacher, sorry.

 Next step is to knit a simple rectangle *** Rectangle is  for simple mugs, like mine on photo above. If you have mugs in different shape,  thicker at the top, and slimmer at the bottom you need to make something like trapezium. You can use any pattern You want, i made couple mug warmers every time in different pattern.
Your mug warmer should tuck and stick to the cup so it must be a little tight, remember that wool stretches :)

 Then fold the rectangle in half and connect the ends with crochet, you can also make it with needle.
Connect the first row and the last row, leave the rest rows not connected, then You can easily put warmer on  or remove it, when it gets dirty.

Then make a label.

The last step is to make labels, tags with simple words or names, whatever You want :)
The easiest way is to make it with felt, thread and needle. Write Your word on felt with a needle and thread. Cut the shape of label and sew it to the warmer.

That's all about mug warmers. I hope it's clear and simple for You, If You have any questions leave me a comment :)
I think it's great idea for present. I will make some warmers for my familly and friends. Hope You like my DIY and it's gonna be useful for You.have a nice day

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marysza said...

cudowny ocieplacz na kubeczek :D ostatnio marzy mi sie taki wielki kubior z wielkim ocieplaczem, ale jesli chodzi o szydelko czy druty.. to nawet sie do nich nie zblizam :D