Thursday, January 3, 2013

hello 2013 !!!!

Hallo everyone in  year 2013 !!!! New Year , new resolutions, new power to act, lots of new energy .... Hope You have similar feelings :) So lets start New Year with scrapbooking, simple January sketch from ILS. Here you can find what our DT made.
I had long break and it was hard for me to create sth, so this LO isn't my favourite :P Hope that next one is going to be better.

and here's the sketch

have a nice day


Lejdi said...

nie znasz się nic a nic. zajebisteeee to jest. hepi 2013 :D

olennka said...

Lejdi jestes lekiem na całe zlo !!! Bóg zapłac za cieple slowa otuchy , lowja !!!!

Nebri said...

Oluś, jest wyczepista :) I to ręczne pismo, wow :D Może na %, może na kacu, ale przykuwające oko :D :*

antilight said...


Belladonna said...