Friday, January 25, 2013

Lets go for a walk !

Hello there ! Today the weekend begins. I am so happy because of that, because i'm totally exhausted :( Now it's time for resting and scrapbooking :) This time i've got a minialbum to show. I made it with ILS new collections,  I used photos from beautiful fall sunday walk in this mini, and i like it a lot. Hope you too ?

have a great and  very inspiring weekend !


Kitty said...

piękny albumik!!

Po prostu Asia said...

świeeetny! :)

Helena said...

Yes!! i like!!

guru_krolowa said...

Ach ubóstwiam te przezajebiste cekiny w kalce! :D

Ekstra album i zdjęcie Francois, jak idzie...taki krasnalek <3