Tuesday, July 23, 2013

it's good to be home

Hi there !!!!!

I'm back and it's good to be home. Finally I could sit and write this post. It's late night, I'm listening to Eminem's new album - RECovery i really like it. I've got lot's to show You.
Firstly I want to show You  my LO made for Papero Amo  - where I had pleasure to be Guest Designer. Thank You so much for invitation, i had great fun creating especially for You. I encourage You to check post about me - there is lots of info about me which You didn't know. Interview and my works you can find on PaperoAmo blog ►►►► here◄◄◄◄.


And I hope you've already seen my sentimental album which i made for my mum. I made it because of MOther's Day. I used old photos of me and my brother and of course my mother. It was great sentimental journey to the past. The oldest photo was from year 1986 - I was two years old then. Here I will show you only few sides - more You can check on SODAlicious blog ►►►►here◄◄◄◄.


And in the end I will show You some photos from my last week. I was resting and lazing around. Mostly riding my bike . So take a look. If you want more you can visit my Instagram - @_olennka


have a lovely week



mru said...

genialne LO :)

Belladonna said...


sajciastyczna said...

scrap po prostu zapiera dech w piersiach, jest niesamowicie piękny!

antilight said...

I scrap i albumiszcze są świetne :))

alexandra s.m. said...

Love your work Olennka..always!!
Greetings from Chicago~