Monday, November 18, 2013

This is something else...

...Yes it is

Hello !!!!

Today it's time for my Xmas journal made for KdS. I wanted to go wild and make something different, something else. Well, I did so. I made my xmas journal as two layouts with 12 places each. So I hvae 24 areas for prexmas notes and instapics. Each rectangle is 3x4 inches ( like Pl cards) so there is lot of space to fill.
I hope you like it !!!!


And what you think about that ???

Have a nice week !!!!!


alba màdico said...

woow! is very different!

Laura said...

These 2 pages are totally different. more art journal than you are use to, isn't it? Love the "desestructure" & the chaos. I hope I express correctly myself :P


antilight said...

czaderski pomysł! Będzież pokazywała jakieś urywki z postępu w pracy uzupełniającej?

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Love this pages!
I have just finished the arrangements of my DD Book, so it's too late for this year, but (I hope) l will keep it in my mind for next december!
Thank you for this wonderful inspiration!