Saturday, June 21, 2014

PL minialbum !!!!

Hi there !!!!

I realized that I have so many PL cards and I don't use them all in my PL spreads. Yes I'm still filling up my PL weeks but just for me, without rush and deadlines:) Maybe someday I will show you my PL pages, maybe , heheh...
Ok, back to the topic. I have lots of PL cards, and  love them all. They are so cute and I wanted to use them in different way that they're supose to be used. Well I decided to make pocket minialbum. Take a look at this tiny, tiny album !!

If you're curious how to make this tiny album, visit Kits de Somni site where you'll find quick and easy tuto for this tiny album. Have fun !!!!!



clos said...

słodziak! :)

leKappy said...

This is fabulous!

clear colours said...

I'm totally in love with this mini, such an inspiration.