Monday, August 4, 2014

Challenged by Mumkaa...

Hey there!!!

A week ago I was challenged by Mumkaa to take a part in some kind of blog hop. I was curious what is it about, because I don't usually play in such games.This one was different. It's all about telling something about yourself and encourage people who are my inspiration to do the same. Would you like to know a little bit about me....

1. What am I working on ?
Currently I am working on projects for DTs. Every beginning of the month means new deadlines and new works. I am lucky because I love that. I always want to make some projects in advance , but the real life shows that sometimes I need to hurry up to meet the deadlines, hehe..
I was stock for a while , but my creative, inspiring vein came back and I made some LOs, also I'm working on tutorial and minialbum. Well that means that I will show you some of my creations soon...

2. How does my works differ from the others of its genre ?
That's tought question.... I have no idea. :)  I have my own style, as everyone, but sincerly I don't know what's the clue. Some people say that when they see my works they already know who made it, without checking . I am very happy to hear that, I think that shows that I have my own characteric style. I just free my mind and hands, and that's all. I try to transform my mood, emotions, feelings, memories, everyday moments in some kind of masterpieces. I always try to create in good mood, then I see that it works. Positive , good vibes suits me better. Of course I have better and worse days, I need inspiration or someone to kick my ass. I am Pinterest addicted and I'm happy for that, because that's the biggest inspiration for me.

3.Why do I create what I do ?
Seriously ?... Because my mind says it !!!!!!!! I just simply need that, it frees my head. I think it's just like writing diary, I prefer scrapbooking ( when I was a teenager I had diary ). And it's not only because I have boring job ( well it's not, people says that accountancy is boring), I also see that what I do brings back memories, our everyday moments. Nowadays my son is browsing my albums, layouts and artjournals and keep asking ... Mom , where was that ???, or ..ohh, I was in your belly ??? can't be.

4.How does your creating process work ?
Mostly I have an idea in my head and I just do my best to put it on paper. But it's just a sketch, the rest is very spontaneous. I'm not sticking to the fixed plan, everything is moving and sometimes completely different things came up than I purposed. Lots of things at my works are from accident, too much ink was splashed or something has dropped on the paper and I thought :..hmm it looks good in that place, lets glue it. Everyday I learn something new, new techniques, new colors, new use of some materials which I used to use in proper way. I also find inspiration in design, posters, magazine's cover, brochures and others. Sometimes I even dream about scrapbooking ideas, I know it's wierd, maybe it's time to visit doctor.

Well, it's enough about me.Thank you for attention, I hope you enjoyed it.
 Now it's time for my inspiring scrapy, crafty friends,  people who I admire with all my heart. Mumkaa is also one of my biggest inspiration and I want to thank you Magda one more time for choosing me :****

hi ♥ my name is Anna but everyone called me Nulka. I am 24/7 100% woman, wife and mother. And i can`t imagine my life without messy desk, dirty fingers and all this mini album and layouts I created :) I always have in my hand camera (no matter is it iphone, digital or film) because I just looooove to snaping my life, home and family. World all around me is so inspiring!

Weronika Grochowska - We Grochy
Hi, my name is Weronika, but everyone says to me Groch, thence name of my blog is We Grochy :) (in English it's mean In Dots) and of cours I love dots haha! In life I am papermaker and I really love paper - process of produce and the finish product. All my family have got something in common with ART, so all my life I felt the need to create. 2 years ago I started crocheting, and I wanted to learn more and more new creative acctivites. I made art journal, then few LO, than travel journal, then album and now I am totally dependent! Scrapbooking for me combines my love to the paper with my love to photography and art. 
I don't know what is my styl. I love using print and make splash, I love tearing paper, but the most I love using leaflets! I always take a lot of leaflets from every restaurant, cinemas and etc. Of course I choose only these with good desing. Oh, I love a little mess at my work :) I thing that my works are a little bit crazy, and I know that a lot of people don't understand them, but it is not important for me. All world is my inspiration, sometimes I am on the walk and I see a child and pstryk - I have got an idea in my head! But the most inspiration is for me meeting with my few friends, when we scrap together. We meet almost once a week and we create a LO or albums or art journal.

Esther Ayala
Hi there! My name is Esther, I'm 37 years old and I live in Catalonia. 
In my free time i'm scrapbooker, I enjoy like a child playing with my inks and making minialbums, art journals and layouts. My daily profession is also creative as well and i love it! I'm a winemaker:) 
I am always full of vitality and energy and I need it now like "the air that I breathe"!! Because I'm a mom without any expertise of a precious baby girl of just one and a half month. All in all, in bad moments, my guide is the following: life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh incontrolable and never regret anything that made you smile;)



magda bolinska mumkaa said...

Olaaa uwielbiam Cie!!! ♥♥ dzieki za udzial! cudnie jest moc sobie poczytac o Tobie! xoxo

olennka said...

eee tam , bez przesady !!! Mumuś to ja dziekuje za zaproszenie :**

Nulka said...

och, ukradłaś mi Esther ;p

antilight said...

:)) Strasznie fajne to wyzwanie :) Lubię poczytać o takich rzeczach :)

Esther Ayala said...

olennka love youuu and your art!!! thank you! ^_^

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