Friday, December 12, 2014

I ♥ knitting / knitting journal

Hey !!!

Do you like knitting ???? I do , I love it so much !!!!  From couple of weeks I am knitting maniac. I knit every night, till late hours and I realy enjoy it. I am trying new patterns, new yarns and so on. I didn't have any notebook where can I write my ideas, inspirations, patterns and make some calculations . Those who knits will know what i mean :) As I am an "artist" I couldn't have just plain noetbook, well I created somethng like this.......

I used gorgeous SODAlicious papers from new collection COZY MOMENTS , which is just perfect for this KNitting journal. Have you seen these patterns look like knitted? they are great :) you can check all papers here.

As you can see I put them some of my works ahich I've already knitted. Also some patterns, color combinations. I hope you like it and I encourage to make your own knitting journal, notebook. It's realy useful and looks great.



clos said...

boski! cudnie ta włóczka powklejana wygląda :)
ja przy ostatniej wizycie u mamy podjęłam temat, ale nie mam czasu, żeby się dalej uczyć, mam nadzieję, ze już niedługo się to trochę odmieni. i może nawet nauczę się odczytywac te znaczki ;)

PrinzessinN said...

This is a lovely mini!