Monday, May 5, 2014


Hi there !!!!

I'm here just for a moment. I have for you two LOs made for our OsPw Project. As you already know Nulka and Mumkaa are also joining this project , so please don't forget to visit their blogs ad check what they created.

Here's OsPw#11, which was inspired by  Loisirs . here's link to her blog.

 and below is  the work which was our inspiraton, you can find it in the newest Histore de Pages.
and another LO - inspired by gorgeous Sevrina - i love her style and her creations.

the original work is much more better - but what can I say. I did my best :)

have a great week



Sevrina said...

Wow! This is cool :D

alba màdico said...

I'm in love with your layouts and style!